ELKHART — Plans were announced today for the second annual RV Supplier and Vendor Expo at the Elkhart Dealer Open House Sept. 23 to 26.

Exhibitors can register today for display space by visiting www.rvshow.co. The displays go up to 20’by20′ but the standard display is 10’by10′.  

“The Elkhart Open House is one of the largest gatherings of RV industry decision makers anywhere in the world,” said Randall Jeremiah, the expo organizer.

“The Elkhart Dealer Open House is a unique event attracting RV dealers from all over the country as well as stafff from local RV manufacturers,” he added.

“Whether suppliers are trying to expand market share, or they are interested in face-to-face time with their existing clients, this expo is an event people won’t want to miss,” Jeremiah explained.

For more information, visit www.rvshow.co or email [email protected].